Classics Worth A Read

Classics are books that have issues and ideas that span across time, influence other works to come, and make people question their beliefs. While classics are no doubt influential, some seem out of date and no longer containing issues of the world today.

I asked a few friends of mine to help me compile a list of classics that they enjoyed reading so as to make this post a tad less biased. Some people may be dissuaded not to read classics because they find them either long and boring or unrelatable but, these are some that I believe are worth a read!

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
This is one of the ultimate bildungsroman about a young girl in turn-of-the-century Brooklyn. This is a book that will appeal to many people as it follows Francie growing up and maturing. Some may argue that nothing truly happens in this novel but, the beauty of this book is in the simplicity of the plot but the complexity of Francie. While this book is not my favorite on this list, I do believe it is a sweet story and one that I will always remember reading.

The Outsiders
This is another coming of age story(as many books seem to be) but it is done so eloquently and it is a book that has the ability to resonate and hold a spot in everyone’s heart. The division in social classes between the rich socs and the impoverished greasers is a focal theme and a general summary of the book as a whole. Ponyboy(despite his unfortunate name) is one of my favorite literary characters of all-time. He lives in a world where everyone seems to think everything is black and white and learns to understand that nobody is all good or all bad. This was an unexpected read for me and in no way could have predicted that I would be bawling at the end.

This line gets me every single time!!!

To Kill A Mockingbird
When you read some classics many years after they were originally published, it can be hard to relate to and find some common ground but; To Kill A Mockingbird has resonated themes of racial prejudice and injustice that pertain to our world today. In short, the book is about Atticus Finch trying to prove the innocence of a black man in the South in the 1930’s. On the surface, this may seem to be very predictable but Harper Lee managed to tell this story through the eyes of a young child which helps bring nuance. To Kill A Mockingbird is a classic for a reason as it focuses on the injustices of racism and teaches , readers, a message of walking in somebody’s shoes before making predetermined judgments.

Anne of the Green Gables
Anne Shirley, the protagonist of this (yep you guessed it)coming of age book, is feisty and stubborn but also imaginative and true to herself. Is it possible not to fall in love with her?
Anne of the Green Gables tells the story of the adventures of Anne after she is mistakenly adopted. Despite the fact that Anne of the Green Gables is a series, this book can be read and appreciated as a stand-alone. It’s often hard to find a character like Anne in literature so we must hold on to Anne’s goodness and her ability to find the best in the worst situations.

a memorable moment 😉 🙂

Fahrenheit 451
“It was a pleasure to burn.” One of my favorite opening lines that really sums up the entirety of this dystopian novel. This book is all about books and the importance of books!! Without spoiling too much, Guy Montag is a fireman in a society where they burn books and he is starting to question that policy. This book is really something and like nothing, I have read before. This is yet again another classic that will stay with you long after,slowly creeping into your thoughts!

The Great Gatsby
The infamous expression “money can’t buy happiness” is best shown in this book where everyone is obsessed with wealth. That with the concept of the American dream brings this book to another level and makes it deeper than any other love story.
The definition of a tragic love story is defined by the Great Gatsby along with the theme that the American dream is unattainable. So why is the Great Gatsby such a great classic if it seems to be all misery? The Great Gatsby has the allure of being set in the roaring twenties as one of its highlights. The flappers, the wild parties, and the jazz culture of this era all contribute to the tone of this novel. The roaring twenties are one of the most fascinating periods which, is depicted throughout the entire novel. The Great Gatsby is also a book with many good life lessons and ideas and thoughts that will leave the readers thinking long after they finished the last page. It is hard to capture in words how enticing this book is and it is best just to read it and figure it out for yourself.

One of the stories almost everyone has heard about (also sometimes known as the modern Prometheus ) a young scientist who creates a creature in a scientific experiment. This book’s rendition of greek mythology makes the readers really ponder and reflect and, it is not as simple and basic as it may seem from an outsider’s perspective. The struggle between the gray area of good and evil is a theme in this novel and provokes thought.

Pride and Prejudice
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Pride and Prejudice is a phenomenal book. Where to begin on this book that has impacted so many books after it and continues to do so. The language, the witty dialogue along with good insults and, the numerous iconic quotes all contribute to the eloquent and sophisticated writing style of this novel. All the characters are well written and the Bennet family could easily have been a 90’s sitcom family with all their contrasting personalities laced with drama and also, their strong family bond(Claudia Connor 7 Reasons You Need To Drop Everything To Read “Pride and Prejudice”). Elizabeth Bennet is one of the most beloved female characters in literature which is because of her stubbornness, her affection for her family, and for being such a strong female presence at that time. Elizabeth is a role model to us all and Pride and Prejudice couldn’t have had a more likable and intriguing main character. While this book may just seem like another generic
love story it is, really about family and societal class and how love can overcome social class and wealth.

“My good opinion once lost is lost forever.”

“You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.

“You are mistaken, Mr. Darcy, if you suppose that the mode of your declaration affected me in any other way, than as it spared the concern which I might have felt in refusing you, had you behaved in a more gentlemanlike manner.” 

Do you agree or disagree with these choices? There are many other classics that did not make this list because there are too many but, these are some of the highlights! Anyone would like to see a part two with classics not worth reading?…..


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I like to consider myself a Virgo/Libra as my birthday is on the cusp of the cutoff date so, I have qualities of both signs.I'm also a teenage girl who has never outgrown the color pink and will randomly quote from books and movies. I hate doors that open(it's so random but, it irks me) and I love traveling though, I don't do it as often as I would like to. I'm a hopeless romantic who will watch just about any romance movie. I'm also a total bookworm and when I'm not reading or thinking of reading I'm, spending time with my family or being an amateur baker and tennis player. Every day, I also strive to be a better person and to help the world out because "I must do better"(already I'm quoting).

60 thoughts on “Classics Worth A Read

  1. AHHHHHHH – I’m so happy to see that you’ve published a post about classics! I find that not many of my friends read or post about the classics. I’m actually a bit of a snobby reader – I LOVE my classics and you’ve complied a fantastic list! 💙

    First of all: THE GREAT GATSBY!!! I am OBSESSED with The Great Gatsby and it’s definitely one of my favorite classics. The Great Gatsby is a masterpiece – I think we can all relate to Gatsby’s yearning and his desperate attempt to reclaim what he lost. And don’t even get me started on the whole imagery of the Green Light! 😂😂😂

    Some of my other favorites include The Phantom of the Opera, Jane Eyre, Lolita, The Secret Garden, Lord of the Flies, A Night to Remember and Little Women.

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    1. Yesss, I love people who appreciate good classics!! 💖I think many people often don’t read them because they believe there too old timey but, yep I’m also a snobby reader when it comes to this.

      Hahahah, I’m totally going to get you started on this!! Ahhh, The Great Gatsby is a beautiful book with so much meaning and symbolism. The green light and gods all watching eyes are some of my favorites and I just adore dissecting that book👍 I get the feeling that you like Gatsby( I really love his character) but this is an important question, what are your thoughts on Daisy?

      Also great choices! Jane Eyre is an amazing books and Jane is another empowering female character in literature! The Secret Garden is such a bittersweet book to me but, such a wonderful story! Doesn’t that book make you want to cry? Lord of flies and Little Women ofc, iconic books!! I’ll have to looks into A night To Remember, geez I haven’t even heard of it! Sounds good, what is it about?


  2. Oooh I loved the outsiders. And the movie. It ripped my heart open but it was super good. I also really enjoyed of mice and men. I need to try reading more classics. Everytime I try I can’t ever get into them 😭

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    1. Yesss, The Outsiders is a heartbreaking novel! Besides Ponyboy do you have a favorite character?

      Of Mice and Men is also a good one! Why do all the great books have to be so heartbreaking?


    1. Yesss, Anne is the green gables is great! Have you seen any of the movies?
      I’m currently reading All Quite on the Western Front which I hear is a good but brutal book. What are you reading?

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      1. Yes I have seen the movies and I used to watch the TV show every Saturday until they took it off! Sounds like a good book! I’m reading The healers apprentice its a retelling of sleeping beauty! Its so romantic and I love it!

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      2. I have heard of the Healers apprentice! I love when they do adaptations/ retelling of fairytales with twists! Love that’s it’s romantic and it sounds right up my alley! I’m going to add it to me list 😉

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      1. I agree, even with his cold stares and how he talks to PonyBoy, he’s still a great great greatttt brooooo!!!! Holdap and Soda do be getting married or nono?
        *me realizing I’ve asked a spoiler question*

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      2. Nah girrll, I’m not spoiling a thing! I’m spoiler free😂😂😊
        I know, he tries to come off as cold and bitter but honestly he’s a sweetheart!
        You need to tell me as soon as you finish though so we can rant😂

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  3. I loved this post!! I’ve been a fan of classics for a while now an I’ve read everything except Outsiders and Fahrenheit 451.🙁 But they sound like great books and I can’t wait to get started with them!
    I especially loved Anne of😂 Green Gables and To Kill a Mockingbird! Fantastic post, Lucy!!❤️

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    1. Classics are really great and you should definitely check out the Outsiders and Fahrenheit 451, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them 👍
      Any other classics that you love that didn’t make the list ?
      Thank you so much for reading and awww, thank you for saying that ❤️💖

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  4. Ashamed to say I haven’t read that many classics but I did love studying The Great Gatsby and am hoping to read Anne of the Green Gables! 🍃 The last classic I read was Lord of the Flies and I really enjoyed it. Would love to see that part two! 📚💕

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  5. Great list! I’ve read The Great Gatsby, The Outsiders, and To Kill a Mockingbird and I completely agree with your mini reviews. There have been classics I loved and other ones I wasn’t a fan of, but I think everyone should give these books a try because they’re considered classics for a reason!

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  6. Wowwwww!!! As a bookworm, this post about classics made me so so so happy!!! I had to read a few of these for school (the outsiders, to kill a mockingbird and the great gatsby) and for the most part it was really enjoyable – I absolutely loved Gatsby!! The book is a masterpiece and I love both the imagery and the crucial life lessons embedded in the story. We even had a Gatsby evening which was loads of fun. The Outsiders was so sad but I still enjoyed it as a story however To Kill a Mockingbird just wasn’t for me …. You keep mentioning your love for Pride and Prejudice 😂😂 I struggled to get into this but your persistence is making me feel like I should try again?? Should I? Also have you read any good romcoms recently??😁😊💖💖

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    1. Wow, your lucky your school made you read such great books. For whatever reason, I felt that I was always assigned the tedious books 😫
      I could talk about the Great Gatsby all day if I could and I’m so glad to find a fellow friend obsessed with it💕 The symbolism, the deeper meaning, the time period, the characters. Is it possible not to love it?! Oooh, do tell about the Gatsby evening? It is my DREAM to attend a Gatsby themed party, absolute bucket list item I want to achieve. 🙂 Awww, I’m sorry you didn’t like To Kill a Mockingbird. What about it did you specifically not like?
      I’m glad my persistence is convincing you slowly. I’m going to go on a mini P&P tangent so excuse me 😂 Very much like how Shakespeare is the blueprint for many stories written today, P&P is a story that is seen all through literature and film today. The idea of two people meeting and having a bad first acquaintance but, after a while gradually falling in love. It’s a simple enough story but, P&P really transports you to that time! The love story, the family bond and every small detail is beautiful. My grandmother introduced me to P&P when I was about five or six showing me the BBC 1995 version of P&P( which I would also recommend watching)and from than on I’ve been in love with it and read the book when I was still pretty young. Anyways, yess I totally hyping this book but I really hope you enjoy it! Elizabeth Bennet is one of my favorite literature characters and she may just beat Hermione for me( I can’t believe I said that but, Elizabeth is something special).
      Hmm, I’m currently reading Red, White and Royal Blue. I’ve been meaning to read it for a while but, I never got a chance till now. I’m not too far but it’s very captivating and sweet already 😍( and its very laugh out loud funny)How about you, any good rom com reads?

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      1. We had some good luck with those but don’t worry it was still school loads were very tedious😔😂
        It is such an amazing book!!! 💖 I know right it is just incredible how much is woven into a relatively short novel. It was for our school project so we had to dress in theme, do a themed dinner each and do some sort of presentation related to anything gatsbyish (including time period) 😁 well I hope one day you get to attend one😊 I just couldn’t get into it I tried reading the first few chapters but it wasn’t clicking with me. Perhaps I’ll try it again though 🤔 Hehe yes you are slowly weathering away my resistance 😂 you’re excused! 😂 OMG if she is that good in your eyes then I really have to read it because that is quite a statement to make!
        Awww I’ve been meaning to read that one too so glad it’s good (love those types of romcoms!!😍). I actually just finished reading the Kissing Booth Books (don’t laugh – they were super sweet and a really good narrative😂😇) and I’m thinking of reading the Replacement Crush (Lisa Brown Roberts) next.

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      2. I’m not laughing because, I’ve also read the Kissing Booth( just the first one) and I’m glad to hear you liked them so, I’ll continue the series. When the Kissing Booth came out on Netflix like two years ago, I was obsessed and saw the movie three times in the span of a week 😂😂
        I haven’t heard of The Replacement Crush but the title makes me want to know what it’s about:)

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      3. Oh no way!! I did enjoy them and I actually quite like the difference between the books and the movies (The kissing booth only recently became available on netflix for me and I loved them😂😂). Let me know if you finish the next one maybe we can have a chat about it??

        It’s super good I just started it!! It’s about a bookwormesque protagonist who wants to get over her crush on a jerky guy by choosing a crush to have so she is in control but can still let her hormones run their course – you can see where this will go I’m sure 😂

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      4. Hahah the books sounds funny, I’m going to look into it. And that’s terrible that The Kissing Booth only became available to you recently! I take it for granted and just watch it whenever I need to feel good😂😉I’m currently reading the second one as we speak and did you watch the second Kissing Booth yet or is not available ?Netflix can be annoying that way, they should just have all the same movies everywhere!😊

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    1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a great book and I do enjoy the whimsical and mysterious nature. It’s a timeless classic that everyone can read!
      Thank you for reading!


  7. WOAH! I love ALL of these classics so much! I’m literally the person in my English classes that gets super excited to read classic literature ahahaahah! My favorites are Pride and Prejudice and The Great Gatsby! I loved Gatsby so much and he was amazing but then he died and then I cried! I hated the ending, but the book is literally so beautiful! AAAHH! I can get way too excited about books lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yess, P&P and the Great Gatsby are also my favorites❤️ The ending to the Great Gatsby is really heartbreaking, gosh though it made me hate Daisy even more!
      Hahaha, I also get way too excited about books:)


      1. I know right!! Hey just thought of an idea, maybe in the near future would you like to do a collab about how Daisy is a terrible and manipulative character? I love that you also love the Great Gatasby💖👍


  8. The Outsiders!!! One of my favorites, thanks for including it! I can’t wait to see your other posts!
    I also started my own crafting blog a couple weeks ago, I would love it if you checked it out! 🙂 I hope you keep posting.

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  9. Aaahh I cant believe I’ve read most of these!! Classics are really cool and may appear long on the face value but they’re really the best.
    I LOVE the Pride and the Prejudice the best among these.
    I havent finished To Kill a mockingbird though. But I’m glad you said it’s great book! Xx



  10. Anne Of Green Gables is sooo underrated! When I was younger, I used to watch an animated cartoon based on the books and once I grew older, my mom got me all the books! Absolutely love!
    As with pride and prejudice, please help me because I just can’t get into it LOL! Every time I try I just end up giving up. Maybe 2021 is the year hehe!


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